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Well, after shutting down my last blog quite some time ago due to being threatened by the stalker of a lesbian friend of mine, I’m giving it another go.

So you know a bit about me, I’m a 30 year old who lives in Perth. I work long hours and occasionally on weekends, but have a passion for football (which is played with a round ball all over the world), food (cooking and eating), politics (while I’m still theoretically a Liberal Party member, I don’t feel particularly well bound to them these days) and all sorts of other bits and pieces.

I’m single (ladies, queue here 😉 ) and have been for pretty much my whole life. It’s my belief that one of the reasons for this is that I connect well with ladies and empathise with them, which results in me landing in the friend zone really easily.

I had an epileptic fit just over 9 weeks ago, so I will be blogging about this. It’s the first time I’ve had a fit since 2001 and it has put me in a serious emotional spin. One of the immediate impacts that it’s had on me is that I have given up drinking alcohol – this is for my health but also to remove one of the triggers for a fit (basically, if I don’t drink, the chances are that I’ll sleep better).

At this point, I’ll be posting irregularly, but I do encourage you to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (check out the links).