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Kevin Rudd has been the Prime Minister of Australia for just over 4 weeks and to say that changes have been made is an understatement.

While the Opposition have been calling for an immediate election, this has not been the case and now it appears that Kevin Rudd is preparing for an economic statement prior to the election being called.

It appears that voters have been impressed by the change in Labor, as shown by the change in the direction of the polls, at least in the short term. This appears to have led to a loss of direction in the Opposition – they seemed to know what they were going to do under a Gillard election, but under a Rudd election, the rules have changed.

The main problem is that many policies that they have been challenging have now changed which means that they are not in a position to object to them in the same way.

From what I am hearing from friends, former colleagues and the media, is that there is much concern about the direction of the party at the Federal level. There is certainly concern about the ability to communicate – given that staff and MPs were issued with a social media gag late last year. Others have commented to me that when they ask to spread their messages to the media, they are denied the opportunity from those higher-up in the system, and there are complaints that the message is not getting out into the media from the higher-ups.

More recently, the media has changed direction – questioning what the Opposition are actually providing as an alternative to the current government. This is a dramatic change from previous reporting, where it was concentrating on how bad the Labor Government was.

The question that needs to be asked now is where does the Opposition go now to ensure that they win the election.

Some will advocate staying the course, pushing forward in the current direction with the same leader, the same policies.

Some will advocate minor tweaks to policies.

Others have suggested changing the leader from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull – an interesting direction that could see a dramatic change in fortunes for the party but see Malcolm Turnbull lumped with policies he is probably not happy with.

I don’t purport to know all the answers – I’m just reporting what I know and my gut feeling. The election date is yet to be re-announced. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

What do you think will happen come election day? Leave a comment below.